LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cost Quick and Easy Guide (2024)

By Rebecca Meyer · February 10, 2024

Are you trying to figure out the puzzle of LinkedIn Sales Navigator costs?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a valuable tool for professionals looking to find highly qualified leads, but it comes with a subscription cost.

Its advanced features for a lead generation more than makeup for it by helping you stay up-to-date with your prospects.

Now the question is, which pricing plan is best for you?

This quick and easy guide will cover everything you need to know about LinkedIn Sales Navigator pricing plans and what features each of them offers.

Let’s get started.

Why Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Sales Navigator is a premium subscription service offered by LinkedIn that provides advanced tools and features to help sales professionals find, connect, and engage with potential leads.

But why pay for Sales Navigator when you can use LinkedIn for free?

It’s because Sales Navigator offers many advanced features that regular LinkedIn doesn’t.

By leveraging the tool’s functions, you can increase your LinkedIn SSI to make your presence more prominent on the platform.

Sales navigator offers some special benefits such as:

  • LinkedIn Advanced search and filter options
  • Specific keywords filter
  • Personalized lead recommendations
  • Saved searches to save your time
  • Real-time alerts about job changes
  • CRM Integration to sync and manage leads
  • InMail credits to send direct messages to prospects outside your network

Pro tip: Tetriz offers LinkedIn Sales Navigator Search Templates to refine your search and help you find quality leads while saving you time.

Sales Navigator Cost: Breakdown

Sales Navigator Pricing Plans.png

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers several pricing plans with monthly or annual subscriptions.

The cost varies depending on the plan.

  • Core (Professional)
  • Advanced (Team)
  • Advanced Plus (Enterprise)

Sales Navigator Core

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core is ideal for individual sales professionals.

It is the most cost-effective option for those new to sales or marketing.

You’ll get all the premium features plus core features like advanced lead and company search, lead recommendations, InMail credits, and more by paying for this.

Key Features:

  • 50 per month InMail credits (LinkedIn premium offers 15/month)
  • 25+ advanced lead and account search filters
  • 10,000 saved leads
  • Lead recommendations based on saved searches
  • Create custom lists to save and track leads and accounts
  • Open profile indicator
  • Unlimited people searches
  • Integration with sales tools like Outlook and Sales Navigator mobile app.

Pricing plans:

  • $99 / month, including free trial
  • $79 / month or $959.88 / year with annual subscription (25% discount)

Pro tip:

If you want to increase the limit of InMail credits, target “open profile” users because they’ll not count in the monthly InMail quota.

Sales Navigator Advanced

Sales Navigator Advanced.png

Sales Navigator Advanced is best for sales teams or small businesses, allowing multiple users to collaborate and access the platform’s prospecting and sales outreach features.

This plan includes all the Core (Professional) plan features and team collaboration tools.

This plan is slightly more expansive than the Core plan because of its additional features.

Key features:

  • All Sales Navigator Core features
  • Buyer interest alerts
  • CSV uploads that allow you to create lists from file upload
  • Smart links to track engagement
  • TeamLink to leverage your team’s network
  • Shareable custom lead and account lists
  • Usage reporting
  • Centralized account management
  • Unified billing for the team
  • SSO and Employee Data Integration
  • Sales tools integration like SNAP and Outlook.

Pricing plans:

  • $149 / month, including free trial
  • $108.33 / month or $1,300 / year with annual subscription (25% discount)

Sales Navigator Advanced Plus

Sales Navigator Advanced Plus is best for larger organizations with more extensive sales needs.

LinkedIn says this is the best version of Sales Navigator with CRM.

This plan provides advanced features, custom integrations, and enhanced support.

There is no fixed price for the Advanced Plus (Enterprise) plan, and you’ll have to request a demo to get a personalized estimation for your company.

Key features:

  • All Sales Navigator Advanced features
  • CRM updates with data validation
  • CRM activity writeback to automatically log InMails, messages, notes
  • CRM-generated lists for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
  • TeamLink and TeamLink Extend to access 2nd and 3rd-degree connections
  • Import and auto-save CRM leads, contacts, and accounts
  • Create new CRM leads and contacts
  • ROI reporting

Pricing plans:

  • Pricing starts at $1600 /seat per year.

Is Sales Navigator Worth it?

Is Sales Navigator Worth it.png

The value of Sales Navigator depends on your specific business needs and goals.

Designed and built for sales professionals, Sales Navigator is an extensive database for B2B marketing with advanced features for prospecting and lead generation.

Whether you are an individual sales professional or working in a team, this tool will help you find the best prospects with valuable sales insights and tools to facilitate the sales process.

To make the most of Sales Navigator, use the built-in sales intelligence and lead search features, fully explore its prospecting capabilities, and it could be well worth the investment.

There are a few alternatives to sales navigator that you want to consider, like, which has a partial copy of the LinkedIn database and offers a similar filter to sales navigator to search for leads.


Is there a free trial for LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Yes, it has a free trial for users to try out the platform and its features before making a purchase decision.

How long is the LinkedIn Sales Navigator free trial?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator typically offers a 30-day free trial. A 3-month free trial is possible if you get a referral from somebody already using Sales Navigator.

How much does Sales Navigator cost?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator costs from $79.99 monthly for the core plan and goes up for the advanced and advanced plus plans.

Is Sales Navigator better than Premium?

Sales Navigator is better than LinkedIn Premium for sales professionals, offering advanced features specifically designed for lead generation and prospecting. It provides more search options, lead recommendations, and collaboration tools for sales teams.

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