Top 7 LinkedIn Sales Navigator Alternatives (2024)

By Rebecca Meyer · March 14, 2024

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sales intelligence software that helps sales professionals generate leads and target their ideal prospects.

But is it the right one for you?

With so many sales prospecting tools available, it can be challenging to find one that offers features that suit your needs.

Explore our list of top alternatives to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, each offering unique features without the heavy price tag attached to Sales Navigator.

Let’s dive in.

Best LinkedIn Sales Navigator Alternatives

Here are some of the best alternatives to Sales Navigator, with their key features and pricing.


Apollo is an all-in-one lead generation platform designed to help sales teams identify, engage, and convert leads.

It is a powerful sales intelligence solution with advanced features and sales engagement tools to help you connect with your ideal customers and increase revenue growth.

Apollo’s B2B database, which has over 275M+ contacts, includes detailed data intelligence and tools for sales and marketing teams, making it a strong competitor to LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Key Features:

  • It has 65+ lead generation search filters.
  • Saved search feature with email alerts.
  • Personas to set up your ICP with buyer intent data signals.
  • AI-generated lead scoring.
  • Automated sequences for your sales outreach.
  • Analytics and reporting tools to track metrics such as email open rates, click-through rates, and response rates.
  • A/B testing.
  • Integration with CRM and CSV export.
  • Apollo Chrome extension.
  • Intend data


  • Free version available.
  • It starts at $49 per user per month.

Demandbase Sales Intelligence


Demandbase is an account-based marketing and B2B sales intelligence platform for sales professionals to identify target accounts and accelerate the sales process.

It helps to find, engage, and convert high-value accounts by providing actionable insights and personalized outreach campaigns.

Key Features:

  • Customizable dashboards.
  • Access to 99M+ companies and 150M+ contact profiles with contact information such as emails and phone numbers.
  • Personalized outreach using contact data.
  • View company information and buyer intent signals to target accounts.
  • Create custom account lists using search filters with keywords and technographic data.
  • Segmentation of lists with your CRM, MAP.
  • Real-time alerts of target account activity.
  • Track engagement metrics such as email opens, clicks, and website visits.
  • Integration with CRM.


Demandbase doesn’t list pricing on its website. For detailed pricing information, contact them for an estimate.



UpLead is a B2B lead generation and prospecting tool with features like lead discovery and lead export to create custom lists of highly qualified leads.

It provides access to a vast business contacts and companies database from 155M+ contact profiles.

Key Features:

  • 50+ search filters to find leads that match your ICP.
  • Get access to mobile and direct dial phone numbers for prospects.
  • Real-time email verification.
  • Bulk lookup to find thousands of leads at once.
  • Buyer intent data to get prospects.
  • CRM integration to sync leads.
  • Chrome extension to capture leads while browsing.
  • Powerful API to scale your prospecting.


  • 7-day free trial.
  • It starts at $99 per month.



Lusha is a B2B sales lead data enrichment and prospecting platform that provides users with accurate contact information for leads and prospects.

It is ideal for individuals, small teams with simple workflows, or large-scale prospecting.

Key Features:

  • Search up to 1,000 contacts or companies in one search.
  • Access to enriched contact data for accounts and companies.
  • Direct dials for millions of key decision-makers.
  • Create account lists for contacts and access them directly on the dashboard.
  • Chrome extension to get leads while browsing.
  • Export lists to your CRM or CSV.
  • Verified emails in real time to reduce the risk of bounced emails.
  • One-click save for qualified prospects to the right sequence.
  • Dashboard analytics to view your team’s prospecting activity.


  • Five credits to try for free.
  • It starts at $29 per user per month.



Tomba is another B2B prospecting tool and lead database for effective outreach.

It is a unique email finder and data provider with sophisticated data enrichment tools to simplify sales, find quality leads, and boost conversions.

It is suitable for both startups and enterprises with features for team collaboration.

Key Features:

  • Domain search with 430+ million email addresses.
  • 50 search filters to find your ideal prospects.
  • Real-time email verification for qualified leads.
  • Get access to direct dial and mobile numbers.
  • Construct targeted prospect lists.
  • Find verified company emails or URLs.
  • Google Sheets add-on to find and verify emails.
  • Chrome plugin to capture leads while surfing the web.
  • Powerful API to increase your prospecting efforts.
  • CRM integrations.


  • Free version available.
  • It starts at $28 per month with a yearly subscription.



Closely is a lead finder and a B2B database with 130+ million contacts and super precise targeting of relevant leads.

It is an intuitive tool with important features that help B2B companies find and connect with quality leads while saving time.

Closely suits small startups, growth marketers, and sales teams of all sizes.

Key Features:

  • B2B data is updated daily for fresh leads.
  • Built-in email verification.
  • Email finder extension for Chrome.
  • 50 free leads every month.
  • Extensive toolkit for enhanced prospecting.
  • Integrations with CRMs.
  • Filters contacts to narrow down your search.
  • Lead intelligence with anti-duplicate features.
  • Buyer intent data.


It starts at $99 monthly ($70 per month with annual subscription).

ZoomInfo SalesOs


ZoomInfo SalesOS is the leading B2B sales prospecting software with the most comprehensive database of insights and sales intelligence to connect with the perfect leads.

It is a modern go-to-market and sales engagement platform with advanced features, automating tools, and buying intent data about contacts and companies to find the ideal prospects based on your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP).

Key Features:

  • 174M+ verified email addresses.
  • 70M+ direct dial phone numbers.
  • Detailed company profiles and real-time account data to help identify and prioritize high-value customers.
  • Identify website visitors to turn them into pipelines.
  • Increase productivity and automate repetitive tasks such as email sequencing, calls, and social connections with multi-channel prospecting campaigns.
  • Integration with CRM and sales tools in ZoomInfo’s marketplace.
  • Get intent data for targeting.


Free trial available. For detailed pricing information, contact ZoomInfo.

Final Words

The best alternative to Sales Navigator depends on your specific requirements, budget, and business goals.

Consider all the features you need for successful sales, compare the tools, and choose the one that best suits you.

Also, make sure that you are using Sales Navigator to its fullest before moving to an alternative. check out our in-depth article about Sales Navigator search filter to make sure you aren’t missing out on Sales Navigator potential.


What is similar to LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Tools like Apollo and UpLead are similar to LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Apollo replicates most of the Sales navigator filters.

What are some features to look for in alternatives to LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Sales Navigator is mainly a lead database, so this is the main feature to look for. Pay close attention to the meta-data you can get for each lead, like the email address, phone number and LinkedIn profile. Other features to consider are sales automation, availability of intent data, and CRM integration.

Is there a free version of Sales Navigator?

Sales Navigator is a premium offering on LinkedIn. It is paid, but you can get a one-month free trial. If you want more information, check out our article about Sales Navigator pricing.

What are LinkedIn Sales Navigator competitors?

Sales Navigator dominates the lead search space, thanks to its monopoly on Linkedin data. There are however a few competitors. For example, Appolo has a partial copy of LinkedIn data and combines it with other insights. Some tool like Zoominfo have their own database and can provide more metadata than sales navigator. Other Sales Navigator competitors worth considering are:

  • UpLead
  • Demandbase Sales Intelligence
  • Lusha
  • Tomba
  • Closely

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