Product hunt launch for agency and consulting business

By Fabian Maume · February 24, 2024

Product Hunt is a website for launching products. It is the name. You are not allowed to launch a consulting business there, however, there are still some workarounds to promote consulting business on Product Hunt. There are 2 options to promote your agency/consulting business on Product Hunt:

  • Info product
  • Micro product

You won’t finish in the top 5 of the days with this type of product but you can relatively easily finish in the top 20, get 100 to 300 visits on your website. Moreover, you will get a precious do-follow link to boost your SEO. Product Hunt has a domain rank of 91, which gives a lot of value to this backlink.

Create your product


Info products are quite easy to design. You can compile several of your blog posts to create an ebook. However, avoid branding your product as an ebook. Ebooks have low chances to get featured on Product Hunt. You will have the same issue with the keywords: course, academy, and program. You will have better chances to be featured if you brand your info product as a “template” or “framework”. If you want to boost the traction of your launch I recommend building your info product in notion. You can then pick “notion” as one of the 3 topics of your launch. Many people are following this topic, so it will give you some free exposure.


Microproducts usually require more resources to develop. But they will tend to perform better than info products. There are a few ways to build a micro-product easily:

  • Use a tool low code tool like to make small product
  • Combine a Google form with some Google and email automation logic with Zapier
  • Borrow an exciting tool from Foxyapps
  • Outsource the development on upwork.


While designing your product an important point to consider is monetization. This will depend a lot on what is your goal. If you plan to use Product Hunt to boost the SEO and visibility of your consulting business, I strongly advise offering your product for free or at least considering a freemium model. Having a free tier makes your product more sharable and should bring you more backlinks. Offering the product for free can also simplify its development. Setting up a payment gateway can be time-consuming. So if you are trying to lower the development effort as much as possible, consider making your product free. Free tools can also be good backlink sinks. So if your main goal is to boost the SEO of your domain making a free product is usually the best. If your goal is to diversify your income by adding a source of income that isn’t time in material, you should spend time thinking about your pricing. Share your product with some people before the launch, to get feedback about its value. That will help you set a reasonable price for your product. You should also ask for testimonials to include on your landing page, it will help you get conversions. If you are not sure about how to price your product, you can try “buy me a coffee” model. Offer your product for free, but ask people to buy a coffee if they like it. If you get nice revenue this way you can try to relaunch the product 6 months later, with more though out pricing. Last point about monetization: remember to offer paid consulting upgrades. My most successful info product so far is my product hunt launch template. It has a free and paid version at $30. However, most of my income from it is from people requesting consulting to prepare their product hunt launch.

How to launch micro-product on Product Hunt

Launching a micro-product on product hint has some specific rules. Firstly it will be hard to compete with other products, so I recommend choosing a low competition day for the launch. Launch on a Friday or over the weekend. Do not launch in the first week of the month or in January. Secondly, you won’t make it the top 5 product of the day. So don’t overinvest in promoting your launch. Your main goal is to get the launch featured. Not every product launch on Product Hunt gets featured on the home page. To get the do-follow link from Product Hunt you need to be featured. In order to be featured I advise you to :

  • run a LinkedIn outreach campaign 2 & 3 weeks before the launch to have at least 50 people.
  • try to be hunted by somebody with established followers based on a Product hunt
  • if you aren’t listed in the first 30 minutes of the launch, ask Product hunt support about it.

PS: our no-frill launch package is perfect for launching this type of micro-product.

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