Product Hunt Launch Action Plan Template

By Fabian Maume · June 29, 2023

Product Launch Action Template - Step by step to prepare your product hunt launch | Product Hunt

I hunted more than 50 products on a Product Hunt. I helped established startups with hundreds of users like MarketingMiner and also MVP-stage startups like Nonfik.

Based on this experience, I can tell that not all Product Hunt launches are equal:

  • If you are an early-stage startup with almost no user base, finishing in the top 5 of the day will be challenging, but that doesn’t mean you need to wait to launch on Product Hunt. They allow you to relaunch after 6 months if you have new features, so don’t be afraid to make a launch early on. A launch can be highly beneficial even in the MVP stage, as it will allow new users to collect feedback and iterate on your product.
  • If you are an established startup with hundreds of users, you can make it to the top 5 of the day by leveraging your user base.

Drawing from this observation, I designed a Product Hunt Action Template, which adapts to your situation. Based on a few questions, the template will assign priorities to each task, so you know where to focus your energy.

You can get the free version of my action template here

Product Hunt launch template

If you want even more insight into the Product Hunt launch, you can purchase the premium version of the template.

The premium version includes:

  • A list of the most relevant Product Hunt topics (you can include only 3 topics in your launch, so pick wisely)
  • A list of Facebook groups that accept posts about the Product Hunt launch
  • A list of relevant Slack and Discord communities
  • Example of copy for social media post
  • 2 customs Phantombuster automation to extract data from Product Hunt.

If you need extra help preparing your launch, we offer consulting services starting at $200.

2024 Prouduct Hunt updates

The first version of the template ended up being the 5th product of the month in the Marketing category, and got a lot of positive feedback.

However, a few things changed on the Product Hunt:

  • The order of products on the home page is randomized for the first 4 hours. That makes the first hours of the launches less stressful, as you have more time to build up momentum. But it also forces you to use 3rd party tools like Product War to monitor the performance of your launch during the first hours.
  • The product hub feature is gaining more and more importance. All upvotes on your launch now automatically become followers of your product page. This allows us to build up an audience directly on the Product Hunt platform and make relaunch much easier.
  • The engagement you can get from posting on Facebook groups went down considerably. I now recommend focusing on Slack and Discord communities in order to promote your launch.

That is why I thought this why the V2 of the template now:

My new template now:

  • Cover how to leverage the product hub
  • Offer customized recommendations for relaunch vs initial launch
  • Include a list of relevant Slack and Discord communities


You can purchase the premium template for 30$ using this link . Also do hesitate the check our Product hunt launch package

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Product Hunt launch FAQ

What is the best day to launch on Product Hunt?

If you are targeting a B2B audience avoid launching on the weekend. For your first launch, it is recommended to launch on Friday as it is a low-competition day. Avoid launching on the first week of the month as it tends to be more competitive. If you wish to maximize your exposure aim to launch on a Wednesday, but be aware it is a high-competition day.

Is it worth it to launch on Product Hunt?

It is a quick win to gain some exposure to your product. It will also give you a do-follow link from a domain with 91 DR. Launching itself is free but it can be quite time-consuming.

What assets do I need to launch Product Hunt?

You will need at least:

  • 3 screenshots (635x380 px)
  • 1 thumbnail (240x240 px)
  • Product tagline (max 60 characters)
  • Product description (max 250 characters)
  • First maker comments

How many users does Product Hunt have?

According to similarweb Product Hunt has 4.4 million visitors per month.

How many people are subscribed to the Product Hunt Newsletter?

In 2023 the Product Hunt newsletter had 750,000+ Subscribers. The open rate was 40% and the click-through rate was 5 to 7%.

What is a hunter?

A hunter is a person who submits your product on Product Hunt. You can hunt your own product, but it is good to get a hunter, who is already active on the platform. Followers of the Hunter will get a notification about the launch, so it will increase your chances of success.

How much time do I need to prepare a product hunt launch?

It depends if you are aiming to be the product of the day or only rank in the top 10. You need to start preparing your launch at least 1 month in advance. More if you wish to hire a hunter as most hunters have a backlog of launches.

Product Hunt is a community-driven website. It is a great place to discover new products or gain early traction with your startup. Over the year Product Hunt harvested more than 29 Millions backlink, giving a strong domain rank of 91.

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