Lemlist Review Insights on Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons (2024)

By Rebecca Meyer · May 17, 2024

Lemlist, a cloud-based sales outreach tool, has gained significant attention in email automation and LinkedIn outreach.

This detailed review will explore Lemlist’s features, strengths, weaknesses, pricing, and user feedback.

Overview of Lemlist

Lemlist is part of the Lempire family, which offers multiple growth hacking tools.

For example, Lempire is also behind Taplio tool, which we also reviewed recently.

Lemlist is designed to assist B2B sales teams in enhancing their sales processes through email and LinkedIn campaigns.

The tool utilizes AI technology to simplify lead generation efforts, offering features such as:

  • Extracting email addresses from LinkedIn
  • Multi-channel campaign management
  • Customizable lead information settings

Strengths of Lemlist

Simple Interface

One of Lemlist’s standout features is its user-friendly interface. The platform provides a sleek and intuitive dashboard that simplifies setting up email campaigns and tasks.

Users can easily create:

  • Personalized images
  • Manage multi-campaigns
  • Access analytics

Campaign Automation

Lemlist provides efficient automation features that allow users to automate email campaigns and set up sequences with multiple steps.

The tool offers flexibility in configuring specific actions within campaigns, such as pausing campaigns when prospects respond or generating follow-up tasks.

Customizable Email Templates

Lemlist offers a variety of customizable email templates for different use cases such as sales, marketing, hiring, and more.

These templates enable users to quickly set up engaging email campaigns without the need for extensive design skills.

Robust Personalization

A key strength of Lemlist lies in its robust personalization capabilities.

Users can create highly personalized email sequences by dynamically generating customized images, company logos, and employee names.

Users have the flexibility to customize their outreach campaigns on Lemlist by setting specific conditions, designing personalized templates, and incorporating multi-channel strategies to effectively engage with potential clients.

This level of personalization enhances open rates and response rates, promotes better engagement with recipients.

A/B Testing

A_B Testing.png

With Lemlist, users can conduct A/B testing on email campaigns to optimize performance.

By creating different versions of campaigns and comparing results, users can identify the most effective:

  • Subject lines
  • Body copy
  • CTAs
  • Personalization strategies

Multi-channel and channel automation

You can create multi-channel campaigns from the $99 plan, combining email and LinkedIn outreach.

Lemlist relies on a Chrome extension to automate LinkedIn activity. You need to have your web browser open for Lemlist to perform LinkedIn tasks.

If you want LinkedIn automation running 24/7, you should consider using a cloud-based solution like Phantombuster.

Email warm-up and deliverability

From the pro-plan ($69), Lemlist includes an email warm-up via Lemwarm. Email warm-up creates activity in your inbox to boost deliverability.

Lemwarm is limited to 40 warm-up emails daily, a relatively small volume.

If you want to boost your email deliverability, using a dedicated email warm-up service like WarmupInbox is better. (Disclaimer: Fabian is the Fractional CMO for WarmupInbox).

Lemlist also offers an email rotation feature. This feature allows you to connect several email inboxes to Lemlist and distribute your outreach across those inboxes. It allows you to maintain your outreach volume per inbox low and avoid landing in spam.


Lemlist integrates with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to facilitate lead management and data synchronization. The tool offers features to automatically find email addresses for LinkedIn profiles, saving users valuable time in their outreach efforts.

It also offers integrations with various CRM platforms, including HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive. By syncing data between Lemlist and their CRM system, users can simplify their lead management processes.

Community & expert network

Lemlist maintains a community around growth hacking and sales outreach. It is a great place to get inspiration and stay up to date about industry trends.

Lemlist also has a network of partner lead gen agencies and experts. If you need help setting up your lead gen campaign, you can reach out to them.

Weaknesses of Lemlist

Customer Support

One area where Lemlist needs to improve is in its customer support.

While some users praised their quick support, others reported unprofessional and inadequate support experiences. Billing and refund issues have also been a concern for some users.

Incorrect Email Tracking

Lemlist’s email tracking feature has faced criticism for its lack of reliability.

Users have noted instances where the tool counts their clicks as “opens,” leading to skewed metrics and inaccurate data insights.

Email tracking is complex. It is better to use open and click-through rates as proxy variables instead of accurate stats.

Lemlist Pricing Plans

Lemlist Pricing Plans.png

Lemlist offers four pricing plans suited to different business needs:

Email Starter - $39/month

  • Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses starting with email outreach.Includes basic features like sending unlimited emails, customizable campaigns, and in-app support.

Email Pro - $69/month

  • Suitable for teams familiar with cold email outreach seeking advanced features.Offers A/B testing, image personalization, CRM integration.
  • Also, start offering email warmup and inbox rotation, which are key for email deliverability..

Multi-channel Expert - $99/month

  • Suitable for large enterprises requiring multi-channel outreach capabilities. Includes LinkedIn prospecting, advanced campaign conditions, custom landing pages, and premium support.
  • You can combine email and LinkedIn outreach with a lemlist Chrome extension from this plan.

Outreach Scale - $159/month

  • Designed for enterprises conducting bulk outreach operations. Provides 1000 credits per month and a dedicated account manager.

In addition Lemlist is offering discount for quarterly and yearly subscription:

  • 10% discount for quarterly plan
  • 20% discount for yearly plan

Is Lemlist Worth It?

Is Lemlist Worth It.png

In conclusion, Lemlist is a solid choice for sales representatives and businesses looking to enhance their outreach efforts through email automation.

The tool’s strengths in personalization, campaign automation, and template offerings make it a valuable asset for improving engagement with potential clients.


Does Lemlist provide analytics and reporting features?

Yes, Lemlist offers analytics and reporting tools to track the performance of email campaigns. Users can monitor open rates, click-through rates, and other key metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of their outreach efforts.

How does Lemlist handle email deliverability?

Lemlist includes email warm-ups and personalized messaging to improve email deliverability rates. By gradually increasing email sending volume and customizing messages, users can enhance their chances of landing in recipients inboxes.

However if you want to boost your email deliverability, we recommend to combine Lemlist with a dedicated email warmup tool like WarmupInbox.

Does Lemlist offer training or resources for new users?

Lemlist provides resources such as video tutorials and guides to help new users navigate the platform and set up their campaigns efficiently. These resources aim to help users maximize the platform’s features and capabilities. Their community is a also a great way to learn more about cold outreach and growth hacking.

How does Lemlist ensure data accuracy in lead-generation campaigns?

Lemlist offers the option to import leads from various sources, such as CSV files, emails, LinkedIn, and CRM systems. While the tool provides a lead database with millions of contacts, users should verify the accuracy of the data before initiating outreach campaigns.

For the best targeting we recommend to leverage Lemlist chrome extension to generate lead from Sales navigator search. Our sales nav search template can help you bypass the 2500 lead limitation of sales navigator.

What security measures does Lemlist have in place to protect user data?

It implements security protocols to safeguard user data and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations. Users can rest assured that their information is protected while using the platform for sales automation. Lemlist is operating from France and fully GDPR complaint.

Can users schedule follow-up emails and reminders on Lemlist?

Yes, Lemlist allows users to schedule follow-up emails and reminders as part of their email sequencing strategy. This feature helps users maintain engagement with prospects and nurture leads through automated communication.

From $99 plan, you can also include a LinkedIn reminder or a manual task reminder. Manual tasks will notify you and pause the outreach until you act, like calling the prospect.

How does Lemlist handle unsubscribe requests from recipients?

It allows users to manage unsubscribe requests easily within the platform. Users can maintain compliance with regulations like GDPR by honoring unsubscribe preferences and updating their contact lists accordingly.

Is Lemlist suitable for businesses operating in specific industries or niches?

Lemlist is designed for a wide range of industries and business types seeking to improve their sales processes through email and LinkedIn outreach. The tool’s customizable features make it adaptable to various industry requirements and outreach strategies.

Lemwarm (the email warmup tool included from the pro plan) offers the option to warmup specific industries. You can select to send warmup email to other user within your target industry. You can also customize the warmup messages to fit your target niche.

Can I use Lemlist for free?

Lemlist is offering a 14 days free trial.

What is the LinkedIn limit for Lemlist?

Likedin has a hard limit of 100 contact request per week. Lemlist isn’t offering anyway to bypass this limitation like sending invite via the mobile app or leveraging group messaging.

How to use lemlist with LinkedIn?

Lemlist is offering a chrome extension that you can use in combination with linkedin:

  • Any Lemlist plan will allow you to extract leads from LinkedIn search.
  • From the multichannel plan you can include linkedin message in our outreach sequence

Pay attention that as Lemlist LinkedIn automation rely on a chrome extension it require you to have your browser open in order to run.

Can lemlist send LinkedIn messages?

Lemlist can send contact request and LinkedIn messages on your behalf. This is a great way to followup with your email outreach.

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