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By Fabian Maume · December 25, 2023

On the 11 of October, I was a guest speaker on Phantombuster’s webinar focused on LinkedIn automation. I shared many tips about lead generation on LinkedIn.

I covered the 2 main success criteria for LinkedIn automation:

  • Targeting
  • Messaging

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Getting Linkedin targeting right:

If you want results on Linkedin you need to work on your targeting. Phantombuster offers many options to go beyond simple LinkedIn search export.

One option is to use Sales Navigator searches. Sales navigator gives you access to useful filters like:

  • Company size
  • Industry
  • Tenure on the current job (quite useful to have lead with decision power)

Sales navigator searches are limited to 2500 results, but you can easily go around this limitation by using geo-filters. Don’t search for all leads in the USA, but make one search per US state. If you want to do this at scale check out our LinkedIn Sales Navigator Search Templates

If you don’t have the budget for a sales navigator subscription, you can create a niche audience quite easily:

  • By scraping members of the specific LinkedIn group
  • By extracting the attendee’s list of a LinkedIn event
  • By monitoring people interacting with your competitor’s post

You can easily do each of those with Phantombuster. The slides of my presentation include links to the exact Phantoms, you will need.

Get your messaging right

A good messaging is the second key success factor for lead generation on LinkedIn. Here are my few tips for optimizing your message:

  • Use dynamic tags. Phantombuster will allow you to customize your message based on the prospect name automatically. But there are many more options for personalization. If you use a spreadsheet as input for your Phantom, you can use any column as a dynamic tag. If you need inspiration to personalise your message check out our free LinkedIn automation templates.
  • Align your messaging with your targeting. If you build a niche audience based on group membership, mention the group in our outreach message.
  • Ask questions. Your goal with LinkedIn outreach is to start a conversation. Asking questions is one of the best ways to do so. You can also use those questions to qualify your leads and prioritize which lead to follow up with.
  • Play on the ego of the prospect. One of the best ways to get somebody’s attention is to compliment them. With the Phantombuster lead feature, you can easily target people with 3k+ followers on LinkedIn. Start your message with “I see that you are an influencer” and you should get a nice result.
  • Don’t be sales pushy. LinkedIn outreach uses interest-based targeting, not intent-based. Leads you are contacting might not be interested in your product right now, so don’t be sales-pushy. I will certainly be doing another webinar just on the topic of follow-up.

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