14 Best SaaS Marketplaces for Product Launch (2024)

By Rebecca Meyer · March 10, 2024

Ready to take your SaaS (Software as a Service) product to the next level?

In the competitive world of SaaS, getting the right exposure is necessary for a successful product launch.

That’s where SaaS app marketplaces come in.

Whether targeting specific industries or a large customer base, these platforms provide a prime opportunity to showcase your solution.

In this guide, you’ll learn about some of the best SaaS marketplaces and app stores where you can introduce your products to attract customers and expand your business.

What are SaaS marketplaces?

A SaaS marketplace is a cloud-based platform where users can browse and purchase software applications offered as services.

These marketplaces act as a centralized hub with a wide diversity of prebuilt software solutions and integrations, which can simplify software development.

Users can also compare different products and choose the ones that best suit their needs.

Other than increased visibility to a large customer base, these marketplaces offer benefits such as:

  • Access to marketing channels and promotional campaigns.
  • Better billing and payment system.
  • Credibility and trust.
  • Ecosystem of complementary products.

Best SaaS Marketplaces and App Stores

Here is a list of the 14 best marketplaces and app stores for SaaS products and services:

Product Hunt

product hunt.png

Product Hunt is an online platform for finding and sharing new products, apps, websites, and tech innovations.

Product Hunt users can upvote their favorite products. It gives you a golden opportunity to gain more exposure by rising to the top of the feed.

With the Product Hunt launch guide, you can create a free profile and showcase your solutions to a large, active community of tech enthusiasts for feedback and promotion.

  • The top categories include developer tools, design tools, customer service, productivity, marketing and sales, finance, and more.
  • It has more than 6 million users with 750,000+ newsletter subscribers.

Listing your product on Product Hunt will also boost your SEO, as it gives you a Do-follow link from 90+ DR domain:


Tip: Using our Product Hunt launch template, you can easily launch our product on Product Hunt.

Atlassian Marketplace

atlassian marketplace.png

Atlassian users can discover, buy, and install apps for products such as Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo, and Crowd on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Atlassian products offer users additional features, integrations, and customizations to increase productivity.

  • It offers over 5700 free and paid apps developed by Atlassian and third-party vendors.
  • App categories include project management, admin tools, CRM, charts & diagramming, code quality, code review, deployment, design tools, and more.
  • It has over 260,000 customers globally, with 3,651,734 app installs.

Atlassian marketplace also gives you a valuable do-follow backlink:


HubSpot App Marketplace

hubspot marketplace.png

HubSpot is a sales, marketing, and customer services platform where users can browse, install, and integrate third-party apps, tools, and integrations.

Apps on the HubSpot App Marketplace are designed to smoothly integrate with HubSpot’s core products, with guidelines, tutorials, and APIs for building integrations.

  • HubSpot marketplace offers 1,551 free and paid apps.
  • App categories include marketing automation, sales productivity, customer support, analytics, finance, and more.
  • It has over 194,000+ customers in more than 120 countries.

Salesforce AppExchange

salesforce appexchange.png

Salesforce is a CRM platform that provides a large ecosystem of cloud-based solutions for sales, marketing, and customer service.

Salesforce AppExchange is the world’s leading enterprise cloud marketplace and acts as a central hub for Salesforce users to browse and install thousands of prebuilt and customizable apps and integrations.

  • It has more than 7000 apps with over 10+ million installs.
  • Top app categories include finance, human resources, sales, IT & admin, marketing, enterprise resource planning, and more.
  • 150,000+ Salesforce customers in 100+ countries use AppExchange apps.


appsumo saas marketplace.png

AppSumo is an online platform known for its selection of discounted deals and lifetime access to various tools, digital products, and online courses.

It suits entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, content creators, and freelancers.

  • It offers a curated list of 500+ apps, including AppSumo originals and third-party products.
  • You can access 108 business strategy, coding, content marketing, and creativity courses.
  • App categories include marketing, sales, productivity, design, web development, SEO, media, finance, and more.
  • It has over 1.5 million customers.

Tip: If you are in the early stages and want to introduce your SaaS to a larger audience instantly, launching a limited lifetime deal on Appsumo could be a great step.

GitHub Marketplace

github marketplace.png

GitHub is the leading platform for version control and collaboration to develop high-quality software.

Developers can browse, buy, and integrate apps, tools, and services with the GitHub marketplace to enhance their development workflow.

  • It offers 898 third-party apps and 22082 actions for developers.
  • App categories include API management, code quality and review, IDEs, deployment, testing, chat, project management, and more.
  • GitHub marketplace allows you to share your apps publicly with 100+ million developers.

SaaS Mantra

saas mantra .png

SaaS Mantra is a go-to marketplace for businesses of all sizes to find the right software solutions and tools to help them grow and scale.

This new marketplace is like a matching service that brings together the right tools and users to build mutually beneficial business relationships.

  • It is an alternative to Appsumo with a smaller audience.
  • SaaS Mantra has launched 200+ SaaS products and helped 58,000+ businesses with the right software solutions.
  • It has over 25K+ customers from 40+ countries.

Zoho Marketplace

zoho marketplace.png

Zoho is a powerful CRM solution that helps businesses manage leads, contacts, sales pipelines, and customer interactions.

Zoho marketplace hosts custom apps and extensions that expand the core functionality and features of Zoho applications.

  • You can find over 2000 ready-to-use extensions from 40+ categories for improved customer experiences and ROI.
  • App categories include CRM, sales, analytics, accounting, project management, and marketing.
  • Zoho has over 100+ million global users.


saas zilla.png

SaasZilla is an online platform that offers lifetime deals and helps SaaS, WordPress, and micro-SaaS developers connect with their audience.

Still relatively new, the SaasZilla marketplace has an active community and support team, and software vendors can find early adopters and potential customers for feedback.

  • People can browse deals from categories such as lead capture automation, collaboration, visual storytelling, CRM, and SEO.
  • Requesting new deals on this platform is also easy.
  • It is a new platform but with a great growing audience.

Prime Lifetime Deals

prime club .png

Prime Club is an online community and LTD platform that offers high-quality lifetime deals on software solutions and SaaS businesses.

Prime Club negotiates deals on behalf of its members to provide security for the buyer’s purchase.

  • Prime Club has 3500 members, and you can find quality deals from successful companies.
  • App categories include e-commerce, marketing, CRM, integration software, web development, and many more.


g2 .png

G2 is a leading online platform where users can compare, purchase, and leave reviews and ratings for software products and services they have used.

It is the largest and most trusted software marketplace for B2B purchases, with 2,509,200+ real reviews.

  • G2 has 145,000+ products and services listed in 2100+ categories.
  • App categories include CRM, project management, e-commerce, marketing automation, and HR.
  • It has over 5 million monthly users and 3000+ customers globally.

AWS Marketplace

aws marketplace.png

AWS Marketplace is an online store where users can find, purchase, deploy, and manage software solutions.

Products listed on the AWS Marketplace are designed to integrate with other AWS services for enhanced user experience.

  • It offers over 10,000 data and development products.
  • It is a digital catalog with various categories, including operating systems, machine learning, security, data analytics, storage, networking, developer tools, and more.
  • It has 310,000 customers globally.

Slack App Directory

slack app directory .png

Slack is a popular messaging and collaboration platform for B2B businesses of all sizes.

The Slack App Directory is a collection of third-party apps and integrations where Slack users can explore and install apps to customize their Slack workspace and enhance productivity.

  • It has over 2600 paid and free apps.
  • App categories include analytics, communication, developer tools, design, file management, marketing, sales, and project management.
  • Slack has 54.1 million monthly active users and 200,000 paid users.


capterra marketplace.png

Capterra is a leading online marketplace where customers can compare SaaS products and services and read verified reviews.

Users can get insights into various aspects of the software, such as ease of use, features, and customer support, and make informed decisions.

  • Capterra offers 100,000+ software solutions in more than 900 categories.
  • Top categories include CRM, project management, email marketing, accounting, human resources, marketing automation, and more.
  • It has 2 million user reviews.

Final Words

SaaS marketplaces play an important role in successful product launches.

These marketplaces offer invaluable opportunities for SaaS Owners and developers to showcase their solutions to a global audience and scale their business.


What is the biggest SaaS marketplace?

Appsumo is considered one of the largest and most established SaaS marketplaces.

Is it easy to launch SaaS on Product Hunt?

Yes, launching a SaaS on Product Hunt is straightforward, but making it successful requires careful planning and execution.

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